Meitler was founded in 1971 by Neal Meitler who saw the need in the Church for professional planning. At the time, there were 11,367 Catholic Schools in the United States with 5.6 million students. Meitler recognized that schools could change with a strategic vision for the future, and schools who failed to change would struggle or close. Over the decades, schools who thought and acted strategically found themselves viable, able to change in approach but maintain their mission. Smart planning with a high level of ownership from key decision makers and the participation of the constituents they serve was the best way forward.

Today, more than 40 years later, Meitler is at the forefront of assisting faith-based institutions of various denominations to prepare for the future and strengthen their current situation. Most of our work continues to be with the Roman Catholic Church, having consulted with over 2,000 schools, 525 parishes, and 120 Catholic dioceses and many religious congregations. We have also consulted with private independent schools, Lutheran schools and congregations, and Jewish schools.

Meitler is one of the few planning firms in the United States that has a full-time staff of professional consultants who were former practitioners with extensive background in education and planning. When working with Meitler, the client soon recognizes that the advice given is from someone who has lived in their world. Backed by a talented support team, Meitler utilizes planning tools including demographic research, financial analysis, enrollment projections, market research studies, professional writing, and expert facilitation.

Statement of Beliefs

As a Consulting Firm, WE BELIEVE that credibility comes from a proven record built on experience. Meitler employs consultants who have real-world experience within the areas they consult. We have lived in the world of our clients.

As a Partner with Religious Institutions, WE BELIEVE in ensuring the future of churches and faith-based schools. Our goal is to help every parish and school we work with to see possibilities with inspiration, and to not just stay open but remain viable for the future.

As a Planning Firm, WE BELIEVE data and facts are necessary to make wise decisions. We don’t guess. Our unique combination of objectivity and sensitivity leads to plans that are successful over 90% of the time.

Our Ministry

Meitler is an empowering organization of consultants that:

  • Commits itself to the Gospel message and the mission of the Church
  • Cultivates a vision and provides direction for responsible stewardship and future growth
  • Cares about your ministry and planning needs
  • Provides experienced and knowledgeable staff
  • Brings a proven methodology, specialized skills and a successful track record