When is a High School Too Small?

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school lockersIn my work with high schools throughout the United States, I am sometimes asked about the minimum size for a high school.  I frequently hear that at least 400 students are necessary for a high school to be viable.  While that number, or any number, seems to be a simple way to assess a school's viability, I believe it is actually too simplistic. Determining high school viability is much more complicated than doing so for an elementary school.  The primary indicator of viability is financial:  Can the high school bala

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What Makes Meitler Different?

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Take a quick look and one consultant looks like another.  Consultants use the same labels for services.  But take a closer look.  Be sure you know what is behind the door before you engage a professional.  Here is a look behind the Meitler door.  What makes us different from the rest? Meitler has the staff and skill in house to use, compile, and analyze data.  Meitler will sift the data and produce a compelling presentation that helps you understand your unique situation.  We have a reputation for recommending customized and creative solutions for sustaining and funding Catholic schools. Our consultants are former practitioners:  as  teachers, principals, business managers, admi

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NCEA 2011, New Orleans, Louisiana

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MARKETING FOR ENROLLMENT presented by Tom Heding  NCEA 2011 Most schools have a "marketing plan" for name recognition, enhance the school's image, recruit students, build relationships, and attract funding.  While all are important, a school's vitality often depends on desks and classrooms that are full.  Explore the elements of successful marketing for enrollment - using demographic and effective market research to define and refine your market; finding new markets when traditional sources are drying up; using enrollment projections for effective planning; and, refining your market and recruitment plan.   PRESENTATION  

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