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New Metrics on Parish Consolidations

Posted by adiaz in Pastoral Planning on

Mark Mogilka, senior pastoral planner with Meitler, presented “New Metrics for Evaluating Parish Consolidations” at the recent International Festival of Creativity in Church Management sponsored by Villanova University and The International School of Pastoral Management at the Pontifical University – […]

Integrating Strategic Planning and The New Catholic Standards and Benchmarks

Posted by Tom Heding in Blog Posts, Strategic Planning on

  A great deal of conversation and energy is spent these days on educational standards and, in particular, the Common Core State Standards Initiative. In the Catholic school world, the “National Standards and Benchmarks for Effective Catholic Elementary and Secondary […]

What makes a good school?

Posted by Rick Pendergast in Blog Posts, Enrollment, Leadership, Strategic Planning on

I have long been a fan of Alan Borsuk, the Education reporter for the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel and a senior fellow in law and public policy at Marquette University Law School.  His articles are balanced, thorough and always thought-provoking.  His […]

Catholic Higher Education Collaborative Conference

Posted by Tom Heding in Blog Posts, Governance on

We at Meitler had the opportunity recently to participate in the Catholic Higher Education Collaborative’s (CHEC) conference focusing on how Catholic institutions of higher learning can “support dynamic and effective school organization and governance structures in PreK-12 schools.”  Hosted by […]

When is a High School Too Small?

Posted by Rick Pendergast in Blog Posts, Strategic Planning on

In my work with high schools throughout the United States, I am sometimes asked about the minimum size for a high school.  I frequently hear that at least 400 students are necessary for a high school to be viable.  While […]