New Metrics on Parish Consolidations

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Mark Mogilka, senior pastoral planner with Meitler, presented “New Metrics for Evaluating Parish Consolidations” at the recent International Festival of Creativity in Church Management sponsored by Villanova University and The International School of Pastoral Management at the Pontifical University – The Lateran. A key focus of the international gathering is the entrepreneurial spirit in a mission-driven Church.

Mark’s presentation focused on “New Metrics for Evaluating Parish Consolidations”. Research indicates that since 2005 at least 10% of all parishes in the USA are the result of the consolidation or merger of two or more former autonomous parishes. Trends indicate that this number will grow in the future. Mark reviewed current available research that compared consolidated and traditional parishes and then shared a case study of a recent assessment of a 2005 consolidation of six parishes into one canonical parish.

Mogilka noted “Parish consolidations are complex and challenging endeavors. Parish leaders tend to focus on survival through the transition. Using multiple tools and metrics for evaluating consolidations which include, leadership interviews, data collection, In-pew surveys, Leadership Summits, can help to affirm good ministry, address current and future challenges and enable them to move from their survival or maintenance mode to one of mission and renewed hope for their future.”

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