Services Demographics and Market Research

Services Provided

  • Demographic data study
  • Community interviews
  • Focus groups
  • Survey of marketplace and competitors

“What you don’t know could kill you.”  This is as true for schools and parishes as it is for people.  Is your geographic community changing?  How?  What is your reputation in the community?  These are questions that require absolutely correct answers.  No guessing allowed.  A demographic study and/or conducting market research are the closest things one can get to a crystal ball.  These are important tools when making long-range plans and all of the critical decisions associated with those plans.

Meitler, known for its comprehensive data research, provides you with accurate analysis on which to base your planning initiatives.  This data analysis allows you to make wise and well-informed decisions.

Success Stories

Catholic Memorial High School entranceMs. Julie Lindahl, Director of Admissions at Catholic Memorial High School, said:  “We chose to work with Meitler because of the depth of their experience and the reputation of the company.  Meitler provided us with more than we asked for.  The recommendations were realistic, honest and clear.  We have since created and have begun implementation of an Enrollment Management Plan that incorporates these suggestions.  Meitler has provided us with critical tools that will enhance our efforts for years to come.”

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Based on demographics, market research, survey of the competition, and a careful analysis of all the factors, the Meitler study concluded, “If Powers Catholic High School remains at its current site, it will need to downsize its program and staff and anticipate enrollment of around 500 within ten years.”  Enrollment followed the exact trend the Meitler report predicted nine years earlier, declining from 790 in 2002-03 to 509 in 2012-13.

Learn how research helped the school develop a new sustainable plan for the future:

Download a full case study as a PDF document


Catholic Center

Given the explosive growth in the five county area, Bishop Vann needed to open new parishes.  But before he could move ahead, he needed to know where the next parish should be located and how a new parish would affect surrounding parishes.  More importantly, he needed a model for new parishes and support from pastors for making expansion plans.

Download a full Case Study as a PDF document