Services Diocesan & Regional Planning for Parishes

Services provided:

  • Demographic Research and Data analysis
  • Pastoral planning for regions, dioceses, vicariates, or deaneries
  • Experience guidance in implementation
  • Progress assessment and plan update
  • Priest collaboration with CARA

Parishes carry out their mission amidst change.  Change may by pushed along by external forces like demographics, migration, shifting values, and secularism; or internal forces like financial pressures, fewer priests, massive growth or chronic decline.  Pastoral planning is proactive, not reactive to these forces and many like these.  Lead with a vision that guides parishes toward desired outcomes with greater vitality.

Church leaders who know how to use a pastoral plan can define where they are going and how they will get there.  Cast a new vision or sharpen the vision you have through a practical plan.  Get parishioners and other key constituencies on board by helping them understand the current reality and accept change as necessary and life giving.  Bring them along in the process so they embrace a new vision and commit to see it through.

The mission of the Church can benefit greatly from collaborative planning and shared vision across a diocese, vicariate, or deanery, rather than carry on in isolation from one another.  Use the objectivity of an outsider to give complacent parish leaders reasons to think differently, and to challenge healthy parishes to sharpen a forward looking vision for what is next.

Meitler has proven that a wise and inspired plan widely embraced by leaders produces stronger mission and hope for the future.  By engaging in a planning process based on facts, guided by vision, and inspired by the spirit, leaders in the church discover and articulate real solutions.  Pastoral planning can address parish structures, aging buildings, lack of finances, underserved needs, parish growth, pastoral concerns, limited resources, and splintered vision.  Planning with Meitler leads to peaceful and hope filled change where strong consensus is developed to move forward.

Success Stories

Catholic Center

Given the explosive growth in the five county area, Bishop Vann needed to open new parishes.  But before he could move ahead, he needed to know where the next parish should be located and how a new parish would affect surrounding parishes.  More importantly, he needed a model for new parishes and support from pastors for making expansion plans.

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Diocese of Grand Rapids

Case study coming soon.