Services Diocesan & Regional Planning for Schools

Services provided

  • Strategic Planning for elementary and high schools (Catholic, Lutheran, private)
  • Strategic Planning for schools in regions or entire Dioceses
  • Implementation guidance
  • Progress assessment and plan update
  • School mission and identity assessment
  • Research and data analysis
  • Accreditation plan

Schools everywhere will face problems, and when the problems are aggregated across a diocese or region the difficulty of finding solutions is daunting.  But finding solutions and making change is successful with the right tools, experience, and processes.  Fix systemic problems, find agreement, adapt creative solutions, and challenge even the best schools to imagine what is next.  You can do it through a Diocesan plan with the experience of Meitler.

There really is no way to get many people of differing minds to pull together without a shared vision, compelling rationale, common language, credible action plan, and the necessary resources.  Having a strategic plan that is comprehensive by design connecting all the elements together for school viability and success is the way.  No one other than Meitler has the track record of experience in planning on a large scale with Catholic schools.  Meitler skillfully brings together the many elements of Catholic identity, academic excellence, marketing and enrollment management, leadership and governance, finance, and facilities.  The plan will ultimately be customized to your diocese and needs.

Meitler takes a data-based and researched approach to the planning process.  Meitler listens well.  Get the tools that make you an effective leader with the resources you need to make it happen.  With Meitler coming as the outsider bringing extensive national experience, you will be able to overcome political and financial hurdles that block change.

Develop a diocesan plan with the right process and you can realize efficiencies, reducing competitiveness between school, and if needed lay the foundation for significant capital fundraising.  Getting people to work together in a daring and creative manner requires a clear and compelling case rooted by the facts.  Sometimes planning will fix problems you can’t afford to ignore or open the door for new initiatives that would otherwise remain dead.  Give your diocese the tools it needs to support viable catholic education and insures a strong future with strong mission.

Success Stories

Joliet science classroom

Among the challenges facing schools were declining enrollment in some schools and population growth in areas without Catholic schools.  Forty-four schools lost 2,744 students over five years from 2004 to 2009, while thirteen schools gained 800 students.  The condition of schools ranged from 10 schools in crisis, 12 at risk, and the rest being stable.  In four cases schools had fallen into such deep deficits and a desperate state had taken hold. Under these conditions Meitler stepped in to develop a plan that would stabilize the situation and turn the diocese in a new direction.

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Students with Father

Diocesan leaders of Peoria recognized the value of a strategic plan for Catholic schools as an effective means to bring about change and give needed direction to strengthen Catholic schools.  This medium sized Diocese is situated in central Illinois and had 41 elementary schools and seven high schools in 2008.  The Diocese is characterized by four rather distinct geographic regions that cross over 26 counties.  Leadership and accountability for parishes and schools had been highly decentralized resulting in a mix of strong schools and struggling schools.

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The Diocese of Sioux City serves 6,300 students in 23 elementary schools and 8 high schools which are organized into area systems.  A number of these schools are in rural areas at a considerable distance from Sioux City.  In 2010 the diocese under the leadership of Bishop R. Walker Nickless and Superintendent of Schools Dan Ryan entered into a long range strategic planning process to strengthen and sustain its Catholic schools.

Download a full case study as a pdf document