Services Financial Assessment and Planning

Services provided

  • Financial viability evaluation
  • Financial projections and analysis
  • Exploration of new funding models
  • Development/Advancement audit and plan
  • Survey of marketplace and competitors
  • Comprehensive strategic plan
  • Assess demographic and enrollment trends
  • Research local economics

Too often, school administrators believe that if they are thinking about next year’s budget, they are planning for the future. In fact, a true financial plan has long range goals looking three to five years into the future with a financial projection to support it. Financial modeling and forecasting is a trademark of Meitler. Whether you need a better handle on the current financial situation, need to dig out of a financial hole, or need to find a new funding model that can sustain your institution long-term, we can get you there.

Meitler will get the facts, educate key constituents, and guide your leadership to create a plan that fits your situation and your mission. We know how to formulate and implement successful funding models as well as the potential failings of other models you may consider. Don’t guess at what will work for the future. Know with confidence you are going about it the right way as we lead you through a transition from current practices to a new model of funding.