Services for Dioceses

Diocesan and Regional Planning for Schools

Set a fresh vision for Catholic education that puts schools on sustainable footing and strengthens the mission of Catholic education throughout the diocese.  Build an innovative, comprehensive plan that strategically integrates all aspects of school viability.

Financial Assessment and Planning

Ensure your school’s operational vitality with a comprehensive assessment of your funding model and a data-based five-year financial projection.

Enrollment Management and Marketing

Maximize your enrollment with proven recruitment and retention strategies, using data research, reliable demographics and projections.

School Governance

Fine tune your governance model, in-service your boards, evaluate effectiveness.  Receive an objective assessment of your current governance and organizational structure to understand if it is optimal for your situation.

School Viability Study

Sustaining sufficient enrollment, high quality programs and appropriate funding can be a significant challenge.  Get an objective and professional evaluation with a comprehensive set of data to make the case.  Discover remedies and know for certain what your school’s potential may be for the future.

Diocesan and Regional Parish Planning

A solid plan built on inspired vision and accurate facts will give spiritual and temporal solutions to church leaders.  A good plan makes a compelling case to acquire and deploy the resources necessary to realize more effective and more vibrant ministry.

Demographics and Market Research

The best decisions are made when you know your community.  Get meaningful demographic research and reliable market research tailor-made for your institution.  Use it to make smarter decisions.

New School Feasibility Study

Reliable and accurate research makes or breaks the case for building a new school, expanding or moving an existing school.  Major donors feel more confident when an objective study and data-based projections have been conducted.

School Structure Study and Transition Plan

Evaluate the current structure of your school or a group of schools to identify new and better models for the future.  Study enrollment potential, funding models, grade configuration, facility usage, new investment, appropriate governance structure and other related issues.

Strategic Plan Update and Progress Assessment

A objective assessment and fresh plan update keeps leaders and boards focused and stimulated. It will give your constituents and donors confidence you know where you are going and how you will get there.  Be flexible and ready to adapt to new situations.