Services New School Feasibility Study

Services provided

  • Assessment of market and enrollment potential
  • Market research and demographic research
  • Develop vision and initial plan for expansion, relocation or building a new school
  • Comprehensive plan for opening a new school: program, funding, governance, facilities, mission
  • Assessment of future viability of an existing school

“If you build it, will they come?” What if your guess is wrong, and they don’t? Meitler has conducted more new school feasibility studies than any other consulting firm, with a track record proving our methodology and analysis are on target.

Donors want to see the case is clear and compelling. Lenders want a scientific and reliable analysis on which to base risk.  We have the experience to walk you through the steps of opening a new school and address donor and lender concerns.  With the data and research in hand, you will know whether to proceed with the project or reconsider.

Whether you already have an initial statement of mission and outlined a vision, or communicated to the broader community, we can join you wherever you are in the pre-planning process and help you move forward in a deliberate and organized manner.

More than simply a survey, our studies ensure you have a clear vision for the proposed school, have looked at the competition, conducted thorough demographic research, evaluated all potential sources of students and used the best focus group methods and survey research to measure demand.  This helps you hear what people really think with a high degree of reliability.

Ultimately a new school needs sufficient funding to be feasible. We answer the funding question with our trademark financial projections, and ultimately our partnership with consulting firms specialized in fund raising. If the conditions are right, we can wrap the enrollment and financial feasibility together, progressing through each phase depending on the outcome of the prior phase.

Success Stories

St. Dominic Savio High School

The Diocese of Austin had been experiencing significant growth for several years.  Data analysis conducted during the strategic planning process showed significant current and projected growth in the Round Rock area north of Austin.  A unique benefit of locating the high school in this location was the availability of land in proximity to Holy Family Catholic Elementary School, and the potential to share some facilities and campus areas.  While a phase-in plan for the new high school was developed, the ultimate goal was a total enrollment of 750 students.

Download the full case study as a PDF document

Powers Catholic High School

Powers Catholic High School was no longer located strategically.  Enrollment was on a declining trajectory.  The dilemma was locating the school where it would serve its traditional base including the City of Flint, but also be accessible and desirable to the growth suburbs further south.  Meitler was asked to study the situation and recommend a plan for action.

Download the full case study as a PDF document