Services School Governance

Services provided

  • In-service and training for boards
  • Writing constitutions and bylaws
  • Facilitation to adopt new models
  • Coaching for administrators

Is governance of your school operating as it should?  Or is it dysfunctional? Too much control or not enough control. A need for greater vision. Unrealistic ideas. Not dealing with key issues. Confused roles. Increased accountability need.

Much of the success of administrators depends on effective governance. Those involved in school governance have a fiduciary responsibility to ensure the mission of the institution is being fulfilled, and in the case of Catholic and Christian institutions, to reflect the Gospel and act on behalf of the communities served.

Governance can unleash the potential of a school and bring vision, inspiration, funding, resources, and many other good things to make the institution flourish. Meitler can help design governance to sustain an institution long term.  Meitler knows the unique workings of making governance work for Catholic and private schools.

Success Stories

Archdiocese of New Yorkarchdiocese of new york

Twelve high schools located in four boroughs of New York City with only one commonality: they were each owned and operated by a parish in the Archdiocese… The concern of the Archdiocese was the potential liability to the parish if the high school should find itself in economic difficulty.  The question posed to Meitler was: Should these schools remain as parish high schools or should they be separated from the parish and reorganized with independent boards?

Download a full case study as a PDF document

St. Matthias SchoolSt. Matthias School

The Challenge

In 2009, St. Matthias School completed a comprehensive strategic planning process (see our Strategic Planning section).  At the very end of the process, the principal of the school resigned and was replaced with a well-meaning, very spiritual person who had absolutely no administrative experience.  …[Meitler was asked] to provide coaching to the new principal throughout his first year.

Download a full case study as a PDF document