Services School Structure Study and Transition Plan

Services provided

  • Implementation Counsel
  • School Governance
  • Financial assessment and planning
  • Facility assessment
  • Demographics and market research
  • Governance planning
  • Facilitation

How many schools are needed in an area? Is there a better way to offer Catholic education when traditional parish models are not working or possible?  How can we avoid closing schools? What is the best grade configuration? What is the best use of buildings? What should be done about changing demographics and declining enrollment? How to plan for the location and structure of schools to ensure they will be affordable, available and accessible to serve for the long-term furture?

Meitler can help plan and propose new models if they can be shown to be more viable than current models, make recommendations for restructuring where needed, and give specific definition to how new models should work.  School structural issues can take several forms and the planning approach to each must be unique and flexible.