Services School Viability Study

Your school is not performing as well as it has or should be. What’s happening? Can it be remedied? Do you have to consider closing the school? Don’t guess or assume. Get the facts. Emotion runs high; jobs and children’s futures are at stake. A careful, data-based study of the future potential of a school helps in making decisions.

Meitler has conducted many studies to determine school viability and sustainability. Our initial mindset is to look for ways to reinvigorate the institution, assessing if enrollment decline can be reversed and school leadership and operations can change the course for the future. We have often conducted a viability study and determined that the school has a promising future, but only with change to the status quo. These schools are thriving today.

Other times,  after looking at demographics, finances, enrollment, facility, reputation, leadership and donor support, we conclude that the school may not be viable. An objective, factual report outlining the reasons why the school will not be sustainable will make a clear case so you know you are taking the best possible action.