Services Strategic Plan Update and Progress Assessment

Services provided

  • Strategic Planning for elementary and high schools (Catholic, Lutheran, private)
  • Implementation guidance
  • School mission and identity assessment
  • Research and data analysis
  • Accreditation plan

You already have a strategic plan and know its value to your organization. Is the plan still relevant? Have underlying assumptions changed? How have the school and community demographics changed? Are there new challenges on the horizon?

Circumstances change. New ideas emerge. Implementation of the last plan turned out in ways not imagined. Plans don’t last forever. Reviewing and reporting progress should be a yearly activity with fine-tuning along the way. Then at least every five years a major plan update should take place.

Repeat clients know the value of a professional plan, objective analysis, and an outsider’s inspiration. A plan update will keep leadership and boards from wandering off course, convince donors you know where you are going and how you will get there, energize your constituencies and allow room for flexibility to address new situations and new possibilities. An update is the only way to keep your plan fresh and make your investment in planning continue to pay off.


Success Stories

Joliet science classroom

Among the challenges facing schools were declining enrollment in some schools and population growth in areas without Catholic schools.  Forty-four schools lost 2,744 students over five years from 2004 to 2009, while thirteen schools gained 800 students.  The condition of schools ranged from 10 schools in crisis, 12 at risk, and the rest being stable.  In four cases schools had fallen into such deep deficits and a desperate state had taken hold. Under these conditions Meitler stepped in to develop a plan that would stabilize the situation and turn the diocese in a new direction.

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The Strategic Plan for Catholic schools in the Diocese of Richmond was first created in 2007.  Meitler assisted the Diocese in 2012 with a strategic plan update.  Specifically, Meitler reviewed the progress made to date in implementing the strategic plan, updated the strategic plan for Catholic schools with a renewed focus for the future, and updated appropriate data as the foundation for ongoing planning.  As part of the update Meitler will also study areas of the Diocese that may be underserved by Catholic school education, or where schools may need to be located in the future.