Strategic Planning and Accreditation

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Accreditation is an essential element in assessing quality education and helps to bring the best out of schools and the faculty.  However, it is a lot of work!  Administrators and teachers need to add tasks to their already full-time loads to gather data, attend meetings, analyze data, establish goals and create strategies to accomplish those goals.  No wonder schools start the accreditation process a year or two in advance.

If you are considering creating a strategic plan, and if you need to prepare an accreditation report in the next three years, why not put them together?  A Meitler strategic plan incorporates the protocols, standards and indicators of AdvancEd, Western Association of Schools and Colleges (WASC), Western Catholic Educational Association (WCEA), Southern Association of Colleges and Schools (SACS) and Middle States.  Using an integrated strategic planning/accreditation approach not only improves the overall quality of your school, it also reduces redundancies in committee creation, meetings, goal setting and report writing.

Clients of Meitler who have combined these two detailed tasks have told us how pleased they are with the result.  Not only did they complete the accreditation work without asking their hard-working teachers and administrators to accept one more task, but they also received guidance and a detailed plan to improve the school’s Catholic identity, enrollment management, institutional advancement, finances and facilities.

Feel free to contact any of our former clients who took advantage of this time-saving and school enhancing combination:

Villa Joseph Marie HS

Gibault Catholic High School

Diocese of Richmond

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