Team Alan Meitler

Senior Consultant / Vice-president

Alan Meitler is a senior consultant and vice-president of Meitler with over 20 years experience in the firm.

He specializes in regional and diocesan planning for Catholic schools, pastoral planning for parishes and dioceses, new school feasibility studies and marketing research. Many of the projects led to successful capital campaigns, new beginnings for schools and parishes in difficult situations and restructuring to produce better outcomes. Alan has had a significant role in 50 diocesan or regional studies and has worked in 59 dioceses around the country. He has directed new school studies in over 20 different cities.

He has his MBA from Marquette University and BS degree from Kansas State University in Economics. Alan has been a speaker at NCEA, CACE, and Conference for Pastoral Planners and Council Development, International Catholic Stewardship Conference, and Association of Lutheran Secondary Schools on the topics of the church now and future, strategic planning, new school studies, funding schools, organizational models for schools and parishes, marketing for enrollment, and market research.

“Great leaders know what tools they need and how to use them. A vision and a plan are the most powerful tools a leader can have.”