Make smart decisions in order to maintain a strong mission.

For more than 40 years Meitler has provided the highest level of professional services in the specialized sector of planning and research for schools, parishes, dioceses, and related not-for-profit institutions. We help leaders be successful by giving them the tools and creativity to make smart decisions leading to a stronger mission. In a dynamic world where change is necessary to remain relevant, attractive, and true to your mission, Meitler will guide you without compromise to achieve the fundamental purpose of your organization. The results are built from data, personal experience, and planning experience.


The power of objective facts is a proven means to honestly understand the current situation and assess the future.

Personal Experience

Our team’s roots are in education and religious life.  Many of our professional years have been in leadership positions as well as consulting. We know the reality of successfully running the complex organizations of today.

Planning Experience

We have been the consultants of choice for more than 120 dioceses, over 2,000 Catholic and religious schools, and many parishes and churches.


Whether one school or a collection of schools, Meitler can provide services to make each institution stronger.



Each parish has different needs and a unique environment.  Let us help your parish to better serve your community.



Complicated organizations like dioceses need data, organized into a plan, to make quality decisions for the future.