Services Individual Parish Planning

Services provided

  • Strategic Planning for schools in regions or entire Dioceses
  • Implementation guidance
  • Progress assessment and plan update
  • School mission and identity assessment
  • Research and data analysis

Every parish leader can be more effective with a well conceived plan. In fact using a plan that is visionary, long-range, complete, and widely accepted is the best way to accomplish long-range objectives and facilitate transforming change.

Using Meitler you will achieve a high level of ownership and a compelling case for whatever direction is right for you.  Meitler produces data-driven analysis combined with listening and consultation.  The experienced consultant team guides leaders toward goals and strategies that work.

Meitler will be sure the right people get involved, focus on the important issues, apply appropriate data and analysis, and create a picture of the future for the parish community.  Upfront the consultants skillfully adjust the process to fit the local situation.

If your planning needs are complicated, Meitler will do the heavy lifting by writing, facilitating, researching, coordinating; all of which are time consuming elements.  You can be freed to focus on what you do best, and provide the leadership your parish needs to strengthen the mission and realize a vision.