Services Individual School Planning

Services provided

  • Strategic Planning for elementary and high schools (Catholic, Lutheran, private)
  • Implementation guidance
  • Strategic plan update and progress assessment
  • School mission and identity assessment
  • Research and data analysis
  • Accreditation plan

Too often schools plan and operate in a reactive manner. When something goes wrong, you fix it. When a new directive is announced, you accommodate it. When a method changes, you adopt it. But schools have found Meitler gives a much more powerful and effective way to operate: by strategically planning for a preferred future.

Every school leader needs a vision and a specific plan to guide the school. A plan with Meitler helps identify that vision and lays out the path that can lead to transforming change. A strategic plan directs the effort of the entire school community. It spells out a realistic set of achievable goals and identifies the action steps necessary to ensure success. No plan is like the last. A Meitler plan is data based, but is also collaborative, making sure the right people get involved. Meitler uses data to make an honest evaluation of the present and draws up a vision that will stretch the organization into the future. This type of strategic plan will help school leaders make hard decisions because a credible process is followed and emotion is contained.

A comprehensive strategic plan cannot be developed with a one time retreat. Meitler works with the client for approximately 6 months, and does the heavy lifting by performing all of the data collection, writing, group facilitating, researching, and coordinating. These are consuming elements that Meitler frees you from so you will can still manage the ongoing operations of your school.

Success Stories

St. Matthias School

Fr. Doug Haefner, Pastor of St. Matthias Parish, was asked to describe his experience with Meitler.  He replied:   “Meitler provided us with data and insights about the future of St. Matthias School of which we were unaware.  This valuable information served as an incentive for the administration and the School Advisory Council to plan and create goals that will enable St. Matthias School to continue its mission of providing a quality Catholic education to students in this parish and this local civic community, hopefully, for many more years.”

Download the full case study as a PDF document

Villa Joseph Marie High School

In 2009, VJMHS initiated a strategic planning process with Meitler.  Over seven months, Meitler facilitated the creation of a long-range, comprehensive strategic plan. … Rather than focus only on enrollment management, this integrated plan acknowledged that to increase enrollment, a school needs to have a strong academic program, stable finances and quality leadership and staffing.

Download the full case study as a PDF document

Meitler produced a clear and compelling case for relocating the high school.  Key leaders were engaged in the study process which ensured ownership for the conclusions.  The study recommended where the school should be located, projected long-term potential for enrollment, gave specific actions to make the move, and shaped a strategic vision for the “new” Powers Catholic High School.

Download a full case study as a PDF document