Services Organization Leadership

Services provided

  • Administrative structure evaluation
  • Review of job descriptions
  • Exploration of new leadership models
  • Board development
  • One-on-one coaching
  • Succession planning

It is common to find former teachers serving as administrators of our schools. They have the right personality, the respect of the community and the passion to lead the schools. Unfortunately, they often find themselves in an outdated and cumbersome administrative structure with a limited skills set. Our research at Meitler points to school leadership as the single most important determiner of a highly effective school.

Meitler will conduct an objective assessment of your school’s administrative structure, from Board composition to middle management. We will propose alternate models of leadership if one is called for. We can work individually with new and under-achieving administrators, providing on-site coaching and easy email and phone access to a coach. Finally, Meitler can help you organize a succession plan for key administrators in order to perpetuate the mission of the school, the Order or diocese.


Success Stories

St. Matthias School

In 2009, St. Matthias School completed a comprehensive strategic planning process (see our Strategic Planning section).  At the very end of the process, the principal of the school resigned and was replaced with a well-meaning, very spiritual person who had absolutely no administrative experience.  The new principal had been an elementary school teacher in another school and was impressive during the interview process.  However, with no relevant experience and the assignment of implementing a five-year action plan, people were concerned about the transition.  Fr. Doug Haefner, Pastor of St. Matthias Parish, asked Meitler to provide coaching to the new principal throughout his first year.

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